Small Groups

Acts 5:42

The purpose of Small Groups at Gateway is to be an extension of the church in order to share Jesus with the lost, disciple, and encourage church involvement.

Share Jesus

This is central to our faith and foundational when we gather.  People need to know Jesus and at the core of all of our small groups, this purpose remains.


Our desire is to produce followers of Christ.  As we gather, we want to see people grow in God and realize their purpose.  Being involved in a small group is more than fellowship, it's discipleship.  We feel so strongly about this that we develop future small group leaders from existing small groups.  So if you're interested in leading a small group, join one today.

Church Involvement

We all have unique gifts, and it's important to have a place for those gifts to be nurtured and grow.  Small groups are an excellent way them to be recognized and ultimately used in our local church.


If you're interested in being a part of one of our groups, click the icon above to fill out and submit the form.

small groups do big things

Our Leader

Eddie Lloyd has many years of experience working with small group leaders.  His passion is to equip leaders with the right tools to reach souls and disciple them.  He currently is studying Christian Leadership & Management at Regent University Online. He and his wife Rae have two boys Joseph and Brian.