We offer 5 different areas of ministry for our children

1. Nursery 0-24 mths.

2. Preschool 2-4years old

3. EleMinistries Kindergarten -2nd grade 3rd-5th grade

4. Middle school ministries. MSM 6th-8th grade

5. High school ministries. HSH 9th-12th grade

Stacy Edmondson directs our youth ministries here at Gateway.  She is a teacher, mom of three and a wife.  Her extensive experience in the education field more than qualifies her to administrate our teachers.  Being brought up in church also solidifies her position to equip our teachers to give our children the best experience in learning and applying God’s word. Contact Stacy Edmondson if you would like to sign up to serve in our youth department.  Training is done monthly for this role.