Testimony from Friday February 17, 2017

We see the hand of God with us every time we go witnessing.  We first ask Him to give us His words to say to His people and that He goes with us.  Despite of how we feel and what we go through, He uses us.
While praying for a man named Mr. Grant, we had a word of knowledge concerning some stomach problems, and in fact, he said he had been having some stomach problems and wanted prayer. It was also discerned that he had some family issues and he got prayer for family members to get saved. He was so appreciative and we believe he was healed.

Next we met Dequan and Stefan who both were recently in a horrible wreck.  They were so grateful to God for the miracle of life. We prayed for safety.

Patricia, who was already saved, was a grandmother needing a miraculous touch of healing for her joints and for her sweet grandchildren.  After praying for Patricia’s health, we could sense the presence of God in the home as she invited us in to pray for her grandchildren, including one that had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  We prayed for a miracle and cursed sickness at its roots. Patricia said the that her grand baby was already making progress and walking when they said she wouldn’t. Praise be to God!!

We approached three guys who at first seemed closed off. One young man said that he believed in Jesus but that he didn’t want to be “beat over the head”. We explained to Him that we weren’t here to judge and that Jesus loved them.  I shared some of my own experiences with them and you could feel the walls of resistance come down as they sat there to listen to the words we had to say.  I know the Lord was working on them and that God used us to demonstrate true love to them.  
Overall, we went as instruments of God’s love and faith and God showed up as always

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