Testimony from April 2, 2017

It says, Knock and it shall be open… and that is what happened today.  We knocked and believed God that people would open not only their house doors, but the doors to their hearts. Things came up and we were not able to go witnessing the day we had scheduled  but we didn’t fret because we know the God we serve is all about timing. We were able to go the following day And man did God show up. There was such an ease with the people. 
That’s what happened to Timothea and Jessica who both received the Lord into their hearts. 
We knocked on Timothea’s door told her told her Jesus loved her. She responded that her daughter needed prayer for a skin condition but she didn’t realize God had his own plan that ended up with her asking Jesus into her heart as Savior and Lord. 
Jessica opened up and received Jesus into her heart as well which was amazing and Her grandmother,  Miss Shirley also wanted Jesus to heal her body and touch her life. So, we all prayed together for Mrs Shirley. During prayer We noticed Jessica looked down a lot and we prayed against it and we encouraged her in truth, that she is loved, accepted and she can look people in the face because she God’s beloved daughter. The peace over her face said it all. 
Lastly another person who stood out was Kiki who wanted prayer for God to help guide her to raise her children. Come to find out she had been running away from the Lord and that she had just received Christ in her life. we able to give encouragement to her concerning her walk. In the midst of our prayers, we received a word of knowledge and we found out her mother is a Minister of the Gospel and that Kiki had that spoken over her life as well. In this confirmation, Kiki is looking to gather with other believers in a church home and is planning to join us at Gateway!! God is good.

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