Testimony from April 20, 2017

Today we revisited an area where first started out door knocking. We passed out tracks and Easter treats with everyone we met. 
We encountered a young man who received prayer and he informed us that he had some friends inside So we shared with his household about the love of Jesus, although they did not make a commitment to salvation we encouraged them and they received prayer for strength and health. 
We came to one young lady who needed prayer for healing over her whole body from swelling. As we prayed for her, she began feeling better on the spot. Jesus gets all the glory. 
Another house we came to was our sister in the Lord, who remembered us from over a year ago, began to thank us for continual prayers for her and her family. She even began to pray over us and prophecy. 
It was a glorious time telling others about Jesus during this Easter season. Jesus is Our Risen Savior!! Hallelujah.

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