Testimony from August 17, 2017

We went to a duplex apartment area to go door-to-door. Our time was shorter because of rain, but we managed to go to 14 houses. Most of the residents that opened their door to us were Christians and had a home church and said they did not have any particular need for us to pray for. We told them Jesus loves them and encouraged them. On man was a single father, raising his young daughter. He was not a church-goer, and did not want us to pray for him. A police officer lived in one home. We encouraged him to grow stronger in his relationship with the Lord, and to know that God had a purpose for his life. We prayed for one lady, who is moving to Roanoke, Virginia soon, that God would be with her and use her to be a blessing in her new place. She really appreciated our prayer and gave us a big hug! At a few homes, people were not home, so we left a tract on their door.

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