Testimony from Friday February 24, 2017

We made contact with a guy whose name was Chris, an atheist that opened up his heart enough to listen to us tell him about Jesus’ love for him and we offered prayer. Although he rejected the prayer at this time, he did accept a track. Remember we sow the seed, and the Holy Spirit does the rest. We did challenged him to pray and we all prayed that God would reveal Himself to Chris in a mighty way and Chris did accept that challenge. 
Next, Cierra and her son were outside working on her car.  As we approached her with the Good News, she told us that she was saved but she did not go to church because she had a disease called sarcoidosis which prevented her from going in public places. She accepted our prayer for her to receive healing from this condition that prevented her from being in crowds. While praying, she immediately received and thanked God for not only for His healing touch, but for her car with a starter that works.  
Finally, another Gentleman backed up right in front of us and he allowed us to tell him the Good News. He stated that he had previously had a relationship with Christ as a child but really didn’t know what it meant. The team was able to reveal to him the perfect work of Jesus and that Jesus does the transforming if only he would ask. Prayer was given and we spent a lot of time with him because we felt the Holy Spirit was opening his eyes. Debbie, One of team members had a word of knowledge for him and he was quite thankful and we believe we will see him at Gateway.

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  1. Reaping the HARVEST!! Praise the Lord!!


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