Testimony from July 12th and July 22nd, 2018

July 12, 2018….. Today as we witnessed, God moved upon His people. We were blessed to be able to minister at 24 homes. We left tracts at every home. Thank God, we had 2 women to give their lives to Christ! We met other brothers and sisters in the faith who received prayer for healing and for jobs.

July 22, 2018…Today we went to witness in the same area where we have seen much fruit. We left tracts at 18 homes. We ministered to 4 or 5 people. One lady told us that as she opened her door to us, she was listening to someone on TV who would send daily prayers to her phone. We told her, ‘We are here to tell you that Jesus loves you. May we pray for you?’ We did pray for her and she began to give God all the glory because what we prayed was just the confirmation she needed.

Thank God for keeping the rain back until we could get back to our car! He is so awesome and good to us! WE pray that all of those we met and prayed for will continue to trust God and serve Him with all their heart.

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