Testimony from March 24, 2017

As we left a tracks on a couple of doors, we came to meet Theresa, who opened up the door and we had a word for her and she asked for prayer for multiple debilitating health conditions. As we prayed she received her joy and was grateful. 
Another, man opened his door to us and needed prayer “for everything”. We invited him to church. Monica, was the next one who we met sitting outside on her porch. She was in her wheelchair with all limbs partially amputated and received prayer.  
One young man has his walls up at first but the Holy Spirit has a way of changing things. We ministered love to him and he became receptive. One girl was young and she had 4 girls. We were able to encourage her and help her with some clothing needs for her children. She was almost in tears. 
To God be the glory!!

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