Testimony from Sunday May 21, 2017

We knocked on as many as 32 doors, and tracks were passed today.  Many of those we invited to church, if they didn’t have a church home. 

Zach asked for prayer concerning his job transition and we stood in agreement with him to see the hand of God move on his behalf. He received and gave thanks to God in a mighty way. 

Another man, whose door we knocked on, didn’t have a prayer request and didn’t want to come to church.  We ministered to him the love and grace of God, letting him know that he is welcome.  He was moved at the fact we came in love and didn’t try to force him to come. 

Detrea opened her door and needed prayer concerning a lump that was found in her mothers chest.  She received prayer and we also got a chance to witness and receive a word from God that said “not to fear.”

Next a Christian couple from Pensacola, FL wanted us to stand in agreement with them concerning their students in high school and middle school. As we prayed for them, they received a word.

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