Testimony from Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wanda and Elaine went to a subdivision just outside of Winterville to witness. We gave tracts out at about 15 houses. We spoke to several people who already had a church home and didn’t need prayer. We prayed for 2 ladies who were sitting on their porch. One wanted prayer for her unsaved son. The other one wanted prayer for her knee. We prayed for both and they were touched. We spoke to 2 young men who were walking and gave them tracts and encouraged them to put God first in their lives because He has a plan for their lives. They were encouraged. We spoke to an young man at another house who was saved and goes to a church in Farmville. Wanda knew of the church, and actually spent a lot of time in her earlier years when she wasn’t saved at a house beside that church. She felt that the prayers of the church people probably played a big factor in her getting saved! God is so good!

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