Testimony from Friday January 20, 2017

Our team had a glorious time in the Lord this past Friday. One experience included a mom of premature twins rededicating her life to Christ.  She initially wanted us to pray for the twins and their wellbeing, but while we were praying, she said that she used to be saved but wanted make sure she was right with God.  As she rededicated her life to Jesus, we left her with strong faith in healing for her babies.
Another rededication turned into a two fold blessing. Dominique, 19, came to know the Lord when he was a only a small child but was not currently following the Lord. He said he wanted to make his relationship solid with Christ.  Joshua, his roommate, had tried other religions but after talking with the team he became curious to understand more things about Christ. Dominique committed to encouraging Joshua in the faith and both wanted to come to church sometime. We had several others that received prayers for healing as well.
Wanda Murry heads up our witnessing team that goes out each Friday afternoon.  We desire to see people be introduced to Christ and begin living for Him.

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  1. This is fantastic!! Thank you for sharing!! The harvest is ready and people are yearning for someone to give them the Gospel. You are doing it Wanda!! God bless your every move and give you great success! We are an army and we’re marching out into our world to seek and to save! Never a dull moment with JESUS!!!


  2. This is awesome to hear. I believe people are really ready to hear the gospel if we’re willing to take it to them. God bless you Wanda and your team!


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