Testimony from Friday January 27, 2017

Before we go evangelizing from door to door, we pray over the area we are about to minister in and ask Jesus to use us and have his own way. This past Friday, He truly did have His own way.

Our first couple of doors no one answered the door, but we kept on. We continued to praise God in our going and finally came to a man cleaning his apartment who opened the door up to us. After we told him Jesus loves him and asked if he had in any prayer requests, he replied he wanted us to pray for prosperity, health and life. He ended up rededicating his life to Christ.

Doors began opening up left and right as we continued on. We had one young man that opened the door who showed signs of resistance. As we talked to him about Jesus, he replied that he was into all religions and he would think about what we said. We gave him a track that just happened to read JESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. Look at God, planting that seed.

We came across a young man that asked for us to pray for God to open the door for a new job. Before we prayed we ministered to him and asked for understanding to let God lead him in which job to choose. He stated that he already been saved but was thankful for what God was doing in his life.

God is good and He is all we need without a lot of complicated actions and vain arguments. His word is our seeds to plant into the hearts. So many people just need to know that Jesus loves them.

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