Witnessing….May 18, 2018

We witnessed in a neighborhood that God had prepared the ground for already. We saw a lady with 3 children in an upstairs apartment. She couldn’t come down to us, but she asked us to pray for her from the sidewalk. Even before we prayed for her, we noticed that she had a joyous spirit. We prayed and God blessed her with more joy! Next, we ministered to an elderly lady who was caring for her grandchildren. She asked for a general prayer. We prayed the salvation prayer with her, and she received Jesus! It was amazing because we could feel God’s love all over her. Afterward, we saw a young man and talked to him about God’s love for him and gave him a gospel tract. We went to at least 16 apartments and left tracts. There was a lady at the last apartment we went to who shared her testimony about how she knew God was real because of the things He has brought her through.¬† She told us how God had helped her pay her rent when she didn’t know how it would get paid. She shared how she had been homeless at one time, with 2 children, and that when she was pregnant, her doctor had said her baby would die before term and if she delivered, the baby would have a cleft lip and would have an extra finger because of genetic problems. The baby was born 2 months early and not expected to live, but she never gave up on God. She went home with her 5 lb. son, and now he is a strong and healthy 2 year old. We also encouraged and prayed for the lady’s sister and their friend. God is so amazing! We never know who we will meet and what they have been through. It is wonderful to hear what God has done! We pray for all of these people that they will continue to trust in the Lord and serve Him with all of their heart.

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