Witnessing…Oct. 12, 2017

The team went to some duplex apartments to knock on doors and invite people to church. We gave tracts to about 18 homes. We spoke to several people. One lady named Elaine had just moved here from West Virginia. She said she had not found a church to attend, but had been visiting some different ones. WE invited her to Gateway. At another house, a young lady was talking on the phone when she came to the door, and didn’t want to talk to us, except to tell us that she was agnostic…..she believed there is a higher power, but didn’t believe in the Christian God. We gave her a tract. We pray that she will come to the knowledge of the true and living God that we serve! Another lady, named Janice, invited us into her home. She talked to us a lot about her family problems, etc. She asked us to pray for her family and also that she could stop smoking. We prayed for her and encouraged her. At another house, we met a lady named Shaquinta, who goes to Salvation and Praise church in Farmville. We prayed a general prayer for her and her family.We gave tracts to a man in his car and a nurse who was just getting home, too. WE pray that all those we met and prayed for will come to know the Lord in a greater way and those who are not saved will come to know Jesus as their savior.

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