Witnessing ….Oct. 21, 2017 and Oct. 26, 2017

Oct. 21st….. We went to a neighborhood where we saw a lot of fruit. God showed up as we prayed for petitions for jobs, finances, healing, and addiction. At one house there was a young lady who needed prayer for her marriage. We saw the Lord move in her heart to let Him work out the situation through her obedience in praying and giving it to Him. Her whole family wants to come to church and worship with us. We went to another house and prayed for a lady named Sierra, who needs a second job to meet her household needs. As we stood in agreement with her, we saw God confirm in her heart what she has been asking Him for. We saw an elderly lady, named Mary, who wanted us to pray for her sister who was in a nursing home and had fallen and hurt her hip. We prayed for her complete healing and for God to move on her behalf. At another home, we met a young lady who had been praying for God to answer her prayers concerning finding a church home for her child. She opened up about having been sexually assaulted by someone in the church she had been attending. She felt that our coming to pray with her and invite her to our church was an answer to her prayers. As we prayed for her, we saw God healing the pain and breaking the bondage from her life. We look forward to her and her child coming soon to worship with us. At another house we encountered a lady named Mona, who was hesitant at first to receive us. She only talked to us through through the screen door. When we told her Jesus loves her and asked if she had any prayer petitions, she opened the door and came out. As we were praying, God gave a word of knowledge concerning health issues. She received prayer and the Holy Spirit moved upon her and she cried and began to thank God for answering her prayers.

Oct. 26….. We went back to the same neighborhood,, but on a different street. We placed tracts at about 6 homes where no one was home. Then we came to the next house where a lady named Janet invited us into her house. She had visible health issues, so we asked if she would like prayer. She began to talk about her health problems, family problems, and financial problems. We listened and also encouraged her with Scriptures,etc. We prayed for her healing for her body and finances. We all felt the Holy Spirit very strong and spoke in tongues. She was so blessed by the presence of God! We were, too! We were there for a while, so we didn’t go to any other homes. God is so good! We pray for all of the people we met, that they will encounter God in a greater way.

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