Witnessing…Oct. 5, 2017

The team went to some apartment buildings in Ayden. We left tracts at 24 apartments. We prayed for ladies at several of them. We prayed for a lady named Yolanda.  God gave a word of knowledge about finances, so we prayed for that.  We prayed for a lady who had two young daughters. We were going up to another building and saw a lady sitting on the steps, looking sad. We spoke to her and asked if she would like prayer and she said yes. Her name was Terry.We prayed for depression to go and for God to give her peace. She said she used to go to church, but had stopped because of a bad experience. We  asked her to pray with us and to forgive anyone who had done her wrong, etc. She prayed with us and tears came down her face. She was touched and thanked us for praying for her.  Then we prayed for a lady named Letha. We prayed for her knees and back and she said they felt better. We also prayed for her to have finances for a dependable car and other needs. We prayed for one more lady named Keisha. We had a word from the Lord about work. When we spoke it, she said she was thinking of changing jobs.We prayed for her about that. Everyone we prayed for was very nice and thanked us for our prayers. It is amazing how God works. He knows where people are who need prayer and encouragement. We believe for their lives to be changed.

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