Witnessing…Sept. 28, 2017

The team went to some apartments on Division St. in Winterville.¬† We spoke to a lady named Peggy, who was watching her 2 grandchildren. We prayed for her and the children. She welcomed our prayers. We spoke to one man who had moved here from Cleveland. We invited him to church. We spoke to another young man and prayed with him about his relationship with the Lord. We also prayed for him to get a good job. At another house, we spoke to a man and invited him to church. He had been attending a church, but said he wasn’t committed there, so he may come and visit our church. We gave tracts to each of these people and also put tracts at the 4 other houses. We were close to the ball field, so we went over there and gave out tracts to 4 or 5 parents who were in their cars waiting for their kids to finish practice. They were appreciative of the tracts. We also gave a tract to a lady walking on the walking track. We believe the prayers and the words they all read on the tracts will make a difference in their lives. We give God the praise for what He will do.

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